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ALKXANDKU  VOK 'HXJMBOLBT.                    15
his witts a "being us intellectxial and cultivated a$ she
was a.miablo, Tho iutoroourae witlx Jolxarxn Stieglitz,
whom thoy know, from, Btvdiix, where he had belonged
to tho JowiMh oirdo of the MoudelsBokm, Horss, &c.,
ami whoro ho hat) pursuod his philosophical studies,
wan loss attnietivo to Alexander than William. It is
straujLfo that Sl;iogUte Bhould have centered into the
HO u Ut no 11 tali ty of tlumo circloK, aw his biographer trixly
ntatos that ho was only a man of reason,, that he
ovoroamo awl coucoalod all emotions for the purpose
of aouto caJxutlation and observation, and that he
novor u lorgdt. " hhuBelf. It is probable that hi^
nit/untat;c5 fric^tidKhip for William had its moi"e natural
origin, Sti the fact, that Stioglitz had in Gottingen
hitn from drowning in tho Leine while bathing
Aft<,ir a lapHO of two yearn the timo arrived when
tlu^ brothers wcro l/o loavo th,e university. Alexatider
l»wl hi tho •meauthno nnintcxruptedly devoted himself
to nM,Lural history, a.rcluiK>logio? and philologie studies,
tuulor tho personal Bxipcirintendonce of celebrated
j m > I < *HH< > t*H ; Will lai n 1 uul mad o matxy j ourncys during:
tho Unu^; amoujjf ofcljica'H to Hanover, where he met
V riot I, *l?iool>i» Rohtx^rg, Frati von Wangenheim,
Brunei <*H, and Zimnuinnann, Kixnth was no longer
vviih Uu»in; h<^ had onterod into official service, but
Hv«'il tu th<^ houKO. of Mailaine Von Hmuboldt for
uhio yoars, until lior d<^ath3»when hcvr imqiialified con-
iidimoo outniHttni him with the further dii^ection of
hot family alTahu
Bui, tho hrot.horn wore* now BO fixr advanced in man-
hood that thoir poouliar mental (pmliiieations were in-
dividually chmtu»<toriBod. Alexander had a tendency
For groat univorHul HttulioB with Iris comprehiensive
tinclorHtarulingj wMlo'WiUtam likod to tarry logger on
a narrower limit, atwl in a irxore profound study of
that, limit ho nottlo.d himBclf on the circumscribed spot
for tlm timo to tnako ^innilar profoxmd reBoarches OB,
another fwld aftorwurtia.